How I became a photographer


Close up portrait of Sara SadlerI have always enjoyed photography, but it was only in 2010 that I got my first DSLR camera. Before that I had been working with a bridge camera, which I really liked using for the amazing zoom function and not having to carry around spare lenses!

However, the limitations of the bridge soon became apparent and I got an entry level DSLR,

the Nikon D5300. This was a great camera to build my knowledge and skills.

In 2014, I upgraded to the camera I currently use – the Canon EOS 70D. I LOVE this camera, and I think that probably shows in my photography! It has really intuitive controls and a feature I really find useful is the “flip out” viewfinder. I spend a great deal of time lying on the ground aiming to get macro shots of bugs and beasties, and this has allowed me to get these low angle images without having to lay in the mud!

I started getting requests for my images and so decided it was time to make them available to buy. I hope that you enjoy browsing my photographs – and if you have a wall in need of some photographic art, maybe I can help!

To view the range of products and images available, please visit my gallery.