Tulip wins bronze award.

I have been having a play around with some high key still life photography. I chose some tulips and carnation flowers as my subjects and set them against a white background. I  used a photography light tent, and lit the scene using a couple of powerful lamps.

It took a while to set the correct level of light in order to light the subject well without blowing out the whites or creating distracting shadows.

One of my favourite images from this series was of a single tulip. I love the way the colours look even more vivid against the plain white background. I was very pleased to hear this week that this image was awarded a bronze bar from the Guild of Photographers, taking my total up to 5 bronze awards this year.

Single tulip flower set against white background.
High key tulip flower wins bronze award.


I had also previously selected this image to feature on a number of products in my RedBubble shop.

Tulip Laptop skin being modelled
Laptop skin with colourful tulip design.

I felt the simple, yet beautiful nature of this single flower lent itself wonderfully to the photo products available. These can be viewed here.


Photography review of 2016

Now that we have well and truly arrived in 2017 I thought it was time to share some of my favourite images from 2016.

I am currently reviewing some of my images from last year, and editing those that I had overlooked. It was certainly had an active year of photography for me,  taking nearly 7000 photographs, and as you can imagine it takes some time to go through them all and process them.

During the Christmas break I was able to start this process, so today I am sharing some of them with you. All these images have now been uploaded to my RedBubble shop and are available to buy in a wider range of products than ever before, including wall clocks, notebooks, cards, and canvas art.

A bright orange sky showing Worthing Pier as a silhouette on Worthing Beach.
Sunset over Worthing Beach.
Close up of a robin bathing insects for food.
Robin Red Breast
Black and white landscape showing trees in silhouette on a misty morning.
Misty morning
A pair of sunglasses resting on a glass table during a rain shower.
Sunshine and showers

Fresh Veggies Day

Today we celebrate fresh fruit and vegetables! Yes today we are reminded how healthy vegetables are and that we should be eating our 5-a-day!

For me this is just an excuse to share some still life photography with you. I am lucky enough to have a mini studio set up in my spare room. This set up includes an 80cm cube light tent and a set of red head studio lights. This allows me to indulge in some still life photography whenever I get inspired!

Fresh Tomatoes. (technical info:focal length 100mm, 1/160 at f/2.6 ISO 100 converted to B&W in photoshop)

Take a look at my still life gallery in my shop here.