Behind the scenes

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while now will appreciate my passion for photography and my love of capturing beautiful photographs. For this reason, it is really strange for me to admit that I haven’t taken a photograph for over a month now!

When I decided to take my products to the Christmas markets this year I don’t think I fully appreciated how much time it would take me to prepare for them.

From finalising the images and getting them made up into products, sourcing display panels and materials to designing price lists and untangling fairy lights!  The “to do” list seems endless!


With two weeks to go, I am finally feeling happy with how my stall will look and the products I will be selling. I think I may actually be ready! It is now time to carefully pack everything away and wait for the first of three Christmas fairs, but not before taking a few snpshots of my practice run layout!

Layout showing the products for sale at the Christmas markets.
Canvasses and prints for the Christmas markets
To find out more about which markets I will be attending, please follow me on Facebook.


Happy customer receives their photographic wall clock.

It’s always nice to see my products in real life settings. So I was really excite to see one of my wall clocks made up and hanging on someone’s wall!

This clock can be customised to you colour scheme, where you are able to choose from 4 different frame colours and 3 colours for the hands.  It is 26cms in diameter and 5cms deep.  It costs £20 and is available from my redbubble shop here.


  • Modern printed polypropylene face without plexiglass
  • Bamboo wood frame with natural finish or painted black or white
  • 4 customisable metal hand colours to choose from
  • Quartz clock mechanism (AA battery not included)
  • Built in hook at back for easy hanging

New – Floral Greetings Cards

Today I thought I would share more of the stock I will be selling at the Christmas Markets.

This year I have produced some simple greetings cards that are suitable for many occasions. They are left blank inside, so that they can be personalised with your own message. This means that they can be used as a note-lets to get in touch with someone, thank you cards, birthdays or anniversaries.

I have applied the same floral designs from my other products, which I feel creates simple but dramatic greetings cards. So whether you favour the dramatic red Gerbera or the simple white African Daisy you should be able to find a flower to suit the mood.

Floral cards on display on a fireplace.
Floral card collection on display.

These cards will be available  for sale on my stall at the Christmas markets and will retail at £1.75 each or if you fancy a few more,  I am selling 3 + cards for £1.50 each. For more information about the Christmas markets that I will be attending, please visit my Facebook page.

Floral Fridge Magnets now in stock.

With five weeks to go before the start of the Christmas Market season, I am busy ordering lots of new stock to sell on my stall. I have been focusing on my single flowers on a black background as the main theme for my stock. I like how they all link together and yet are very distinctive and individual.

This year I thought I would try a new range of products and have ordered fridge magnets featuring my flower photographs. I think they look great and will make great stocker fillers, giving people an opportunity to enjoy the flowers without having to buy a print or canvas.

So this afternoon I decided to photograph the collection on my fridge at home to get an idea of what they would look like in the home environment:

Fridge magnets featuring my flower collection.
Fridge magnets featuring my flower collection.


Magnets are not currently available through my Redbubble site, so anyone who is interested will need to come and visit me at one of my stalls this November. For more information and to keep up to date with events I am attending please like and follow me on Facebook. 

UPDATE : Magnets are now available to buy direct from my Facebook page – just scroll down to the Facebook shop section on my photography page!

Summer Damselflies snap up Bronze awards.

In August I entered into the Guild Image of the Month Photo competition. This week I found out that 2 on my entries have achieved bronze awards. 

As I have been capturing a lot of summer animals over the last few months, it seem appropriate to enter some of the damselfly images that I managed to capture this summer.

I was really pleased that these have been awarded as they can be tricky insects to photograph! The two awarded images feature an Azure damselfly and a Blue-tailed Damselfly.

Close up of an azure damselfly resting on a leaf.
Close up of an azure damselfly resting on a leaf.
Full length image of a blue-tailed damselfly resting on a leaf.
Full length image of a blue-tailed damselfly.

I am so pleased with the success I am having this year in this competition.  The standards are so high, and I am really honoured that the judges feel that my images meet a high professional standard.

My photograph on my mobile phone case!

A couple of months ago I won a photography competition where the prize was Pixum voucher. It was a floral competition hosted by ephotozine. You can read about the photo that won here.

Pixum is a company who put your images on to a variety of products, from mugs to bags and mobile phone cases. I decided to treat myself to some bits and pieces with my images on to get a better idea of what my photos look like on 3D objects. I spend so long promoting my items for sale, but you don’t always get a good idea about what they will look like on the finished article.

I have to say I was really pleased with the results. My favourite item has to be my bee photo featured on a mobile phone case. I think it looks great and the case is a nice sturdy one too – which will be handy for me as I am a bit accident prone!

Sara Sadler holding her mobile phone showing the new bee cover.
My new mobile phone cover, featuring my bee image

This image is also available to buy on an iPhone case from my Redbubble shop here  or a Samsung Galaxy case here.

Two bronze awards for my bee photographs from the Guild of Photographers.

I am really thrilled this month to announce that two of my images have again been awarded  bronze awards from the Guild of Photographers.

This month it is two of my bee images which have been awarded:

Bee gathering pollen on some flowers.
Bronze awarded image of a bee.
Bronze award image.
 I am so proud to have achieved this, especially when you see the other images that enter. There are some really inspirational photographs here.

Some of you may remember a couple of my previous post where I explained a bit about what the guild is about and the significance of these awards, if not you can revisit that article here.