Spring photo opportunities

I really love this time of year. The flowers are emerging, cute baby animals are being born and on the whole the sun is shinning. All these combine to make a perfect scenario for getting out and about and taking photographs!

I am very lucky to live near to some wonderful countryside which gives me even more opportunities to capture some great images.

I have recently been lucky enough to come across a number of young birds, in particular ducks and geese.  I love goslings as they really are the cutest and fluffiest of the the baby birds!

I thought that these cute animals would love lovely on some of my products so I gave it a go. I really so think they look amazing! What do you think? To see more of my designs on a range of products visit my RedBubble shop.

Close up of a gosling bird looking towards the camera, illustrated as an example tablet case.
A quizzical gosling featured on a table case.


photograph of a baby goose on a bag
A cute gosling featured on a tote bag.

A few of my favourite things

Following on from my post last month, I am going to share a few more of my 2016 images. During these cold winter days I find it very difficult to get out and about with my camera, so I have been making the most of the cold short days, and reviewing my image from last year.

This month I have spent some time reviewing and editing some of my bird photographs. It is an interesting bunch of pictures, featuring some common birds, such as the Mallard duck. I have also managed to capture some at risk birds, thanks to my visits to the WWT who create habitats to house and protect rarer species. One example of a vulnerable species is this Swan Goose, a very elegant bird.

Head and neck of a swan goose
The Swan Goose.
close up photograph of Mallard Duck
Close up of a Mallard Duck
A Black necked swan Cygnet
Black Necked Swan Cygnet
An Adult greylag goose with a gosling looking for food.
Greylag Goose and her gosling

All these images are available from my redbubble shop.

Photography review of 2016

Now that we have well and truly arrived in 2017 I thought it was time to share some of my favourite images from 2016.

I am currently reviewing some of my images from last year, and editing those that I had overlooked. It was certainly had an active year of photography for me,  taking nearly 7000 photographs, and as you can imagine it takes some time to go through them all and process them.

During the Christmas break I was able to start this process, so today I am sharing some of them with you. All these images have now been uploaded to my RedBubble shop and are available to buy in a wider range of products than ever before, including wall clocks, notebooks, cards, and canvas art.

A bright orange sky showing Worthing Pier as a silhouette on Worthing Beach.
Sunset over Worthing Beach.
Close up of a robin bathing insects for food.
Robin Red Breast
Black and white landscape showing trees in silhouette on a misty morning.
Misty morning
A pair of sunglasses resting on a glass table during a rain shower.
Sunshine and showers

In an exhibition….

I am really excited to share my news. Today is the first day of the Littlehampton Museum “Open” art exhibition. My exciting news is that one of my photographs has been selected to go on display.

The open exhibition gives both amateur and professional local artists the opportunity to have their work exhibited. The theme this year was “atmosphere” and I felt that my chaffinch was apt for this. I have called this piece “In the spotlight again”and it will be on display along side other local artists work for the next few weeks.

Here is a sneak preview of my image, which I captured in Arundel, West Sussex. It was one of those lucky shots where the sun landed in exactly the right spot to highlight the bird.

Chaffinch bird sitting on a branch
In the spotlight again

The exhibition runs from 17th September until 11th November 2016. For more information about the Museum and exhibition click here.

Beach birds

On Sunday I had the rare opportunity to do some weekend photography. Having two young children means I don’t tend to get our with my camera at the weekend.

So having dropped my eldest off at a party, I found myself with an hour or so to myself. I decided to have a wander along the beach at Littlehampton.

The beach was full of life from birds to snails. I focused my attention on the birds. The rock pools were full of gulls and crows looking for food and I was also lucky enough to spot a Ringed Plover.

Ringed Plover searching for food in the rock pools
Ringed Plover (Technical info: Focal length 300mm, 1/500 at f5.6, ISO 200)

This little bird spent  a lot of time running along the beach, then stopping suddenly looking for food. It was quite hard to spot as the brown and beige feathers on its back blended in perfectly with the pebbles!

Gulls searching for snails in the sea
Feeding gulls (Technical info: focal length 300mm, 1/640 at f/5.6, ISO 200)

This group of gulls were searching for snails to eat. They would grab them and then fly up about one metre and then drop them. It was fascinating to watch!


Carrion crows feeding on the beach.
Carrion Crows. (Technical info: focal length 300mm, 1/1600 at f/5.6, ISO 100)

These crows were also enjoying the snails, which could be found in abundance on the beach.

For more bird photography click here.

More fun at “Duckland”

Last week I spent another glorious day at WWT Arundel (fondly renamed “Duckland” by a friend’s son – and the name has stuck!)

The young birds are still very much in abundance, so I have a collection of juvenile birds to share with you.

This first one I love! It is a juvenile Common Goldeneye Duck checking out a Black Necked Swan cygnet. I love that the Goldeneye was watching nervously as the cygnet drifted over towards it. It was understandably nervous as the adult swans were stood nearby warning off any birds that came close to their young.

Juvenile Goldeneye Duck with Black necked Swan cygnet.
Two young birds. (Technical info: focal length 220, 1/640 at f/5, ISO 320)

Another young bird I discovered was a juvenile Swallow. Hidden inside one of the bird watching hides was a swallow’s nest. Four young  birds were leaving the nest and flying around the hide.

Juvenile Swallow.
Young swallow (Technical info: focal length 150mm, 1/80 at f/5.0, ISO 1250)

Last but not least I am sharing a juvenile Eurasian Common Scoter. These are sea birds, and during courting, the males “scoot” across the surface of the water.

Juvenile Eurasian Common Scoter.
Juvenile Eurasian Common Scoter. (Technical Info: Focal length 150mm, 1/800 at f/5, ISO 400)

For more bird photography click here.

National Camera Day

It would be very remiss of me not to celebrate this day! This is a day all about taking photographs, whether you own a DSLR or love to take pictures on your smart phone. With digital photography it is easier than ever to snap a picture.

Now, I have actually spent the day at my day job, and although I did have my camera with me (filming the whoosh bottle experiment…..but that is another story) I did not actually get any photographs taken!

So I thought I would just share a selection of my recent favourites with you…

Close up of a hoverfly feeding from a dandelion flower.
Hoverfly macro. (Technical info: focal length 100mm, 1/200 at f/8, ISO 640)

First up is this close up of a hoverfly. I have already shared one post about hoverflies, but I was particularly pleased with how this image came out with the tongue out licking  up the pollen!

A cygnet of the trumpeter swan with an open beak.
A young Trumpeter swan. (Technical info: focal length 300mm, 1/500 at f/8, ISO 400)

Next up is another photograph of the Trumpeter cygnet, just because they are unbelievably cute! Again I have already shared one image of these cute animals here, but I don’t think I really need an excuse to share another one!

Now – go out and take some photographs in celebration…….!