Flower photographs available as fridge magnets.

Floral Fridge Magnets now in stock.

With five weeks to go before the start of the Christmas Market season, I am busy ordering lots of new stock to sell on my stall. I have been focusing on my single flowers on a black background as the main theme for my stock. I like how they all link together and yet are very distinctive and individual.

This year I thought I would try a new range of products and have ordered fridge magnets featuring my flower photographs. I think they look great and will make great stocker fillers, giving people an opportunity to enjoy the flowers without having to buy a print or canvas.

So this afternoon I decided to photograph the collection on my fridge at home to get an idea of what they would look like in the home environment:

Fridge magnets featuring my flower collection.
Fridge magnets featuring my flower collection.


Magnets are not currently available through my Redbubble site, so anyone who is interested will need to come and visit me at one of my stalls this November. For more information and to keep up to date with events I am attending please like and follow me on Facebook. 

UPDATE : Magnets are now available to buy direct from my Facebook page – just scroll down to the Facebook shop section on my photography page!


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