Southern pavilion at the end of Worthing pier.

Views around Worthing, West Sussex

In a break from my recent floral posts, I thought I would share some of my photographs of my hometown of Worthing on the South coast of England.

Being the town I grew up in, I often overlooked this lovely seaside resort as a source of photography. I am almost over familiar with  it! Anyway having moved out of Worthing many years ago now, I can look at it more objectively, and really love popping over there for days out. It has had a lot of money invested in it in recent years, meaning it has lost that “run down, out of season resort” look it once had.

Thumbnails of Worthing prints available from my redbubble shop.
Art prints of Worthing, West Sussex.


My images can be purchased as stickers from £1.69, art prints £10.91 or framed prints £56.06. The framed prints are fully customisable, with different sizes, mounts and frames available.


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