tryptic showing my daughters and a close up of my eye.

Master of photography-my thoughts on the final 

In the penultimate episode the contestants were asked to capture another tryptic. This time its had to tell their own life story. So they were all sent home to try and represent their lives in three images, one of which had to be a self portrait.

It was interesting to see what was important to each person and how the chose to portray it.

I, like many photographers I know find self portraits tricky, apart from getting the composition right, it is hard to shake off  that self conscious feeling!

Comewells images really did stand out. Yet again they were compelling due to the simplicity of the story telling and composition. A simple story, easy to understand and captured with simple clean images.

It was interesting to see the judges starting to disagree more. As I said in an earlier review of this series, photography can be so subjective and what tells a story to one person can be meaningless to another. So it is not surprising that they would not agree completely.

As in my last review I have decided to have a bit of fun and come up with a tryptic of my own, taking images from my own stock library to create it.

tryptic showing my daughters and a close up of my eye.
My World!

In the final of this series the surviving four contestants were sent to four different locations in Europe to photograph a minority culture. They had to choose how many images, between 3 and 5,  to present which they believed told the story of their selected group of people.

Again, it was really interesting to watch how each one approached this task and how well they gained the trust of their subjects.

Ultimately the winner of Master of Photography had to show the judges that they had a good eye for a photograph while producing consistent results. The unanimous choice was one of the UK photographers, Gillian Allard and I have to agree that she did produce some really interesting results. It will be interesting to see where it will take her in the future.

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