Head and neck of a swan goose

A few of my favourite things

Following on from my post last month, I am going to share a few more of my 2016 images. During these cold winter days I find it very difficult to get out and about with my camera, so I have been making the most of the cold short days, and reviewing my image from last year.

This month I have spent some time reviewing and editing some of my bird photographs. It is an interesting bunch of pictures, featuring some common birds, such as the Mallard duck. I have also managed to capture some at risk birds, thanks to my visits to the WWT who create habitats to house and protect rarer species. One example of a vulnerable species is this Swan Goose, a very elegant bird.

Head and neck of a swan goose
The Swan Goose.
close up photograph of Mallard Duck
Close up of a Mallard Duck
A Black necked swan Cygnet
Black Necked Swan Cygnet
An Adult greylag goose with a gosling looking for food.
Greylag Goose and her gosling

All these images are available from my redbubble shop.


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