Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

I have been lucky enough to see several species of butterfly this week so thought today I would share another one that I have managed to photograph.

Today I am sharing an image of the small Tortoiseshell butterfly. This flighty little insect proved to be difficult to photograph, despite it hanging around the same flower bed for some time!

close up of a small tortoiseshell butterfly feeding on a flower.
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly. (technical info: focal length 100mm. 1/800 at f/4.0, ISO 400)

In this image we can see the butterfly feeding from a flower with the wings in an upright position. The brown underside gives this butterfly some camouflage, allowing it to blend in with leaves.  In this photograph we cannot see the colourful topside of this butterfly, which is normally very noticeable when it flicks it’s wings open, due to the bright colours.

I managed to capture this image at the WWT at Arundel. They have some wild flower areas within the site, which attracts an abundance of bugs and beasties. I could spend hours watching them!

For more images of butterflies click here.


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