British bluebells

A carpet of blue

This week I made a point of visiting a local woods known, at this time of year for its bluebells.

TheBluebells have been in flower for a couple of weeks now so I thought it was about time I captured them in photographs before the season was over.

I wasn’t sure how good the display would be, but I was soon rewarded with a flash of pale blue on the floor of the woods.

A close up of a single British bluebell plant
The British Bluebell

If I’m honest I was in search of the native British Bluebell.  A darker purple with drooping flowers on one side of the stem. I did find some, but not exclusively, the Spanish bluebell has made its way into this wood.

Close up of Spanish bluebells
Spanish Bluebells

It is such a shame as the Spanish version is slowly taking over and will soon destroy all our native flowers. The Spanish flowers are paler in appearance and flowers grow on both sides of the stem.



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