Photographing the chaffinch 

One of my early photographs which I was proud of featured this colourful little bird. The chaffinch has a beautiful pinky- beige colouring and intricate patterns in the plumage. 

female chaffinch bird sitting on a branch 

According the the Collins Bird Guide,  this is the second most common bird found in the UK. 

As with most of natures creatures, the male bird has the most colour and detail which it uses to attract a mate. 

 male chaffinch sitting in a branch 
The female falls into the “little brown bird” category and can easily be confused with the house sparrow. To distinguish between them, you need to look for the white patch on the back of the neck and the lack of a black streak down its back. If these two features are noticed then it is a Chaffinch. 

These and other bird images can be purchased here


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