Launching my floral tank top collection.

Last week I shared my floral dress collection and was overwhelmed by the great response and lovely comments I received. So thank you all so much for that, it is really appreciated!

Following on from this I thought I would share a different product from my florals range. Using the same flower photographs but this time applied to a vest or tank top. This tanks have a slight sheer silky chiffon front panel, with a soft jersey back panel creating a loose flowing fit top.

This range can also be purchased from my RedBubble shop. The great thing with shopping with RedBubble is that they have a great returns policy, so you can rest assured knowing that should the item not meet your expectations they will refund or replace. This is brilliant considering you are buying unique bespoke clothing!

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New – Floral Print Summer Dresses 

Over the last few months I have been developing a range of apparel featuring my photographic prints. It has been a steep learning curve for me deciding which photographs lend themselves best to clothing. I am loving the results and my floral images have worked particularly well.

My photos can be purchased on a range of products, but today I thought I would share my range of  floral a-line summer dresses. These dresses include printed photographs of daisies, carnations, gerbera daisy, tulip and periwinkle flowers.

Having developed this range I am now able to officially launch my floral dress collection. It can be viewed and items can be purchased from my Redbubble Shop.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

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My thoughts on Master of Photography 2017.

As I write this we are 3 episodes into the second series of master of photography on Sky Arts. I loved the first series so was really looking forward to the new one.

I have to say so far I have not been disappointed! The format has changed slightly, with more emphasis on technique and the process the contestants go through to achieve their assignment.

They have removed the part where the contestants pick their equipment, and this seems mainly down to the sponsorship deal with Leica. That’s fine by me as most of us don’t have a room full of equipment to choose from before we go out on a shoot. So, you might ask,  why does that matter what equipment I have compared to the contestants? For me that is why the show works so well. As they go on assignment you put yourself in their shoes. What would I do? what story would I tell? Then as they present their images to the judges, I become a judge in my mind deciding who I would pick and why.

Photography is an art form, and like all art it is very subjective. Last season I found the judges critique a little harsh, however, this season I understand where they are coming from. I’m not sure whether they have eased up or whether I’ve opened my mind to criticism more. Either way, so far I have mainly agreed with their comments.

OK here I should add **SPOILER ALERT** please do not read on if you intend to watch the series without knowing the winners from each episode!

Week one saw an amazing image by Molly Keane grab the attention of the judges. I had to agree whole heartedly with this decision. The theme was travel and they  contestants had to encapsulate the feel of Sicily. Molly captured a portrait of a sicilian painter sat next to the chariots he was painting. The image worked so well capturing a sense of the country and was beautifully composed.

In week two the contestants had to capture “rush hour” in Hamburg. There were a number of images that caught my eye – managing to get a real sense of rush hour, particularly as they were thrown by the lack of commuters as they arrived. The one that was the judges favourite was by Max Brucker and I did agree that his image evoked a certain mood. I also really liked the image by Sonja Thoms which showed a man in silhouette running up some steps, which on this occasion was not in agreement with the judges!

Week three saw them introduced to Clive Owen where they were expected to produce a cover photo which truly revealed the personality of the superstar. It was an interesting episode where I found the judges to be even more critical than usual. There was some criticism on the over reliance of post production on the image that Sonja Thoms produced. I did agree it was not as strong as some of the other contestants, but to pull her up over the use of post production seemed a little odd to me, when all the images have benefited from the use of post. The winning image this week was again produced by Max Brucker who is showing himself to be a favourite at this early stage. It was a very striking image that I could imaging on the cover of a magazine, and probably the only one to truly meet this brief.

At this stage I think there are three strong contenders for the prize. For me the most interesting and original images are being produced by Molly Keane, Max Brucker and Olympe Tits. I look forwards to seeing what the rest of the episodes reveal.

If you have missed the series so far, I highly recommend that you catch up with the previous episodes here. It is compulsive viewing.

Spring photo opportunities

I really love this time of year. The flowers are emerging, cute baby animals are being born and on the whole the sun is shinning. All these combine to make a perfect scenario for getting out and about and taking photographs!

I am very lucky to live near to some wonderful countryside which gives me even more opportunities to capture some great images.

I have recently been lucky enough to come across a number of young birds, in particular ducks and geese.  I love goslings as they really are the cutest and fluffiest of the the baby birds!

I thought that these cute animals would love lovely on some of my products so I gave it a go. I really so think they look amazing! What do you think? To see more of my designs on a range of products visit my RedBubble shop.

Close up of a gosling bird looking towards the camera, illustrated as an example tablet case.
A quizzical gosling featured on a table case.


photograph of a baby goose on a bag
A cute gosling featured on a tote bag.

Tulip wins bronze award.

I have been having a play around with some high key still life photography. I chose some tulips and carnation flowers as my subjects and set them against a white background. I  used a photography light tent, and lit the scene using a couple of powerful lamps.

It took a while to set the correct level of light in order to light the subject well without blowing out the whites or creating distracting shadows.

One of my favourite images from this series was of a single tulip. I love the way the colours look even more vivid against the plain white background. I was very pleased to hear this week that this image was awarded a bronze bar from the Guild of Photographers, taking my total up to 5 bronze awards this year.

Single tulip flower set against white background.
High key tulip flower wins bronze award.


I had also previously selected this image to feature on a number of products in my RedBubble shop.

Tulip Laptop skin being modelled
Laptop skin with colourful tulip design.

I felt the simple, yet beautiful nature of this single flower lent itself wonderfully to the photo products available. These can be viewed here.

Two more awarded images this month!

I am over the moon to discover today that I have received two more bronze awards for my images. Back in February I shared my exciting news that I had received two bronze awards from the Guild of Photographers, and today I found out that I have received two more.

The standard of photography is so high within this group so to have my work recognised as being of Bronze standard is very exciting for me.

The two awarded images can  be seen below, and are also available to purchase from my RedBubble shop.

Monochrome image of a canada goose with outstretched wings.
Canada goose receives bronze award.
A single crow wading in the sea.
A single crow receives bronze award

Unique products featuring my photographic art!

I am loving spring! With the longer sunny days and the colourful spring flowers it really is my favourite season. It has inspired me to capture photographs of some colourful flowers. I Wanted to try and get something a little different so I have been photographing single flowers and playing around with the colours.

I am enjoying the results, so much so i have uploaded some new images to my Redbubble site. This site allows my images to be printed onto a wide range of products, from gift cards and stickers, to clocks and clothing. Some of my floral designs can be viewed here.

I particularly enjoyed playing with this tulip image and adding the different effects on it. I thought I would share a couple of the designs with you here. In the first image I decided to remove the colour to create a sepia tone. As it is colour that is normally associated with flowers I thought it would be interesting to see how it would look with the it removed. I think it produces an unusual and dramatic image.

Tulip t-shirt being worn by a model.
Tulip T-shirt design.

I also removed the background colour to the image to create a .PNG. This has allowed me to upload just the image of the flower which can be purchased as a cut out sticker, as shown in this image below.

Tulip Laptop skin being modelled
Laptop skin with colourful tulip design.